Angelique Bone

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BHSc Naturopathy

Angelique is a degree qualified Naturopath and a Hemaview practitioner. She is highly experienced in treating and managing a variety of different health issues, with a particular interest in women’s health, thyroid, adrenal and digestive health issues.

Angelique has a passion for natural medicine and helping people. She wants to see her patients achieve the best possible outcome from their treatment and as such she tailors each treatment protocol specific to each individual’s needs. Her treatment protocols generally include herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and dietary advice.

Angelique graduated with a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy in 2008 and completed her training in Hemaview Live Blood Screening in 2008. She has vast experience in areas such as thyroid and adrenal health, digestive health, skin health and women’s and children’s health. She incorporates iridology and dietary assessment, lifestyle advice and motivation in her consultations.

Angelique also conducts Hemaview Live Blood Screening consultations, in which she views a drop of the patient’s blood under a microscope to assess the state of the cells and plasma around them. This provides a good overview of the patient’s current state of health, including liver function, nutrient levels and inflammation. As part of the Hemaview consultation, patients have the opportunity to see their blood live on screen, which gives Angelique the ability to explain to the patient the significance of the various parameters they are seeing. This also allows the patient the opportunity to see the improvement in their health visually over time as they embark on their treatment protocol.

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